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Further to my earlier rant, I found a victim: logo blog Brand New’s Ford logo stunt. Maybe I was a little hard on them in my comment, but that may be in part because a small part of me wanted it to be true.

Next April 1st, I’m staying off the Intarwebs.

I didn’t use to be an April Fool’s Scrooge. But this year tears it. Every blog I read regularly has something that’s lame… but it also causes you to read the legit stuff carefully, even too skeptically. I’m just going to skip over all blog posts dated April 1st, from now on.


Except this one.

Random title cards from the Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show on CBS.

It’s magic!


If you’re using WordPress, you need to check this out.

(By the way, expect regular posting to resume.)



Well, I did get the mass e-mail from Dreamhost telling me about their billing snafu. Luckily, the charge and cancellation appear to have happened so quick they don’t even show up on my credit card. Meanwhile the friendly folk at Dreamhost are getting a lot of flak for trying to treat the situation with a little levity. In the meantime, it’s kinda cool to be part of this group affected by a snafu so big it’s stealing tech headlines away from Macworld!



Michael Douglas now voices the intro to NBC Nightly News. (See it here… scroll down to the Nightly News podcast.)

Now, Michael Douglas is a fine actor. But he is not a better announcer than the best announcers in the business. This is a typical devaulation of the talents of an entire craft. It’s the same bs they often pull on the awards shows.

Font update


In regards to this post, the kind people at Ask Metafilter tell me it’s Bookman Swash Italic, which unfortunately has never been available as a digital font. Alas.



This guy has posted to Youtube some great old Canadian TV commercials from the 1970s. Some of these are among my earliest memories of TV watching. Everything from beer…

to insurance (and a jingle that’s vivid in my mind)…

and of course, the Colonel!

Can anyone tell me what this font is?


Nerd alert


Pocket protectors! This is going all over the internets. But I just wanted to point out how much I love these old logos! Especially the industrial types, the kind you might see in an old phone book… but would have had little interaction with as a consumer. Many of these pocket protectors were most likely used by sales reps, and internally within factories, etc.

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