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Nerd alert


This post comes to you by way of my new iPhone. Isn’t that special, mm?



Further to my earlier rant, I found a victim: logo blog Brand New’s Ford logo stunt. Maybe I was a little hard on them in my comment, but that may be in part because a small part of me wanted it to be true.
Next April 1st, I’m staying off the Intarwebs.

I didn’t use to be an April Fool’s Scrooge. But this year tears it. Every blog I read regularly has something that’s lame… but it also causes you to read the legit stuff carefully, even too skeptically. I’m just going to skip over all blog posts dated April 1st, from now on.
Except this one.

It’s magic!


If you’re using WordPress, you need to check this out.

(By the way, expect regular posting to resume.)

Nerd alert


Pocket protectors! This is going all over the internets. But I just wanted to point out how much I love these old logos! Especially the industrial types, the kind you might see in an old phone book… but would have had little interaction with as a consumer. Many of these pocket protectors were most likely [...]

Picture book…


As the proud new owner of a digital camera, I have revived my photo blog. I plan to post one image a day from around Regina. (But if you’re a loyal reader, you’ll know how well I stick to a plan…)

Day 15
After a weekend of travel and general inactivity, I was back on the horse today. And I about broke even:
And, may I present for your motivation as well as mine:

It’s the (fake) 90’s webpage of (fake) video games of the 70’s and 80’s!

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