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One of the very few things I remember distinctly from “The Electric Company”, here’s Tom Lehrer’s “L-Y” song.

I don’t know how much longer this is going to be around — YouTube is on a deleting frenzy today. But it’s too sweet not to share.

From Sesame Street Episode 1, Gordon (the FIRST Gordon, Matt Robinson), builds an Anything Muppet family.

Muncha buncha


This commercial was burned into my brain way back when, to the point where I would sing it all the time — even though we never bought the product. Ah, the power of advertising.

A big fat idea


The CBC is pulling the plug on reruns of Mr. Dressup, the beloved Canadian childrens series. The show had been out of production for 11 years, and Ernie “Mr. Dressup” Coombs died in 2001. Still, it seems like this show (and Friendly Giant) could find a home on Treehouse. BUT only if Casey and Finnegan [...]

Someone you wouldn’t expect to see pitching Joy dishwashing liquid. 
In its final season on CBS, someone got the bright idea to freshen up “The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show” with new opening titles and theme song. I remember this quite well — but what I didn’t pick up on as a child was the faux-Fifties “Happy Days”-esque tone. Why would they try to [...]

It’s Spider-Man in French!!!

Tick tick tick


An outstanding hour of television I’m sorry I missed: Mike Wallace on Larry King last night.
via TV Newser 

Putting out fires at CNN Center, of course.

. (as they say at Metafilter.)

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