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New theme looks pretty snazzy, don’t it?

Hello? Hello?


Just an update. The switchover to Vista was a bit rocky for a while as I fought with a videocard that WOULD NOT WORK. I had just given up, when I stumbled across one at Staples (an overclocked GeForce FX 5500 – PCI version!!!) and it worked. So now I have Aero Glass goodness.

I’m also [...]

The Flintstones, en francais.

Classic CTV identification, late 70’s/early 80s

So for the past week I’ve been a Windows Vista user. (I took the upgrade plunge.) I’m relatively happy with how it went. My recent system is slower than normal, though; especially when logging in or out.

One big hit is as a result of not having a great videocard – I can’t get Aero Glass [...]

This clip reminds me of the recent furor in Regina over the Maclean’s cover story dubbing Regina’s north central area “Canada’s Worst Neighbourhood.”

Why? Just because.
(Good to be back, by the way. Expect lots more quality content like this.)

Bad to worse


Getting swamped with comment spam, so I’m disabling comments for now. Hopefully, this will inspire me to post more.
Yeah, right.

Screw it


I can’t get this install to work.

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