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This guy has posted to Youtube some great old Canadian TV commercials from the 1970s. Some of these are among my earliest memories of TV watching. Everything from beer…

to insurance (and a jingle that’s vivid in my mind)…

and of course, the Colonel!

Can anyone tell me what this font is?

Here’s a buncha WordPress themes. Debating switching to one of them.

Just a note as I watch the Emmys tonight, in HD. An impressive number of the commercials on the Fox broadcast are High-definition, which is great, and about time. Of the ones that aren’t, at least half are letterboxed anyway. So if you’re watching on a regular 4:3 screen, you see it letterboxed. And if [...]

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So I’m using Safari for Windows, just because I like how it smoothes out the fonts. And I’m using Google Reader to read RSS feeds. It’s all good… except for some reason, in Safari, inline flash video doesn’t work in the feeds – but the popout feature works! It’s weird, and I’m wondering if anyone [...]

I’m out of Myspace. It was lame.

I’m back! It’s been a great summer, I’ve lost a lot of weight jogging and watching what I eat, Windows Vista is running swimmingly, and I’m looking forward to the release of the iPod Touch (capitalization approx.) Now, onward with heavy-duty blogging.

I would love to know who did these great 1950s TV weather animations. They seem pretty generic, which makes me think they were sold to different TV stations.

Yes, I am now on Myspace. God knows why.

Does anyone else with a wireless mouse find it this annoying? I thought it would change my life, and it has – I have to keep pressing the ^%$#%$ reset button, or else the mouse button gradually deteriorates in effectiveness. Is this a common problem?

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