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… is back! I’m up to actually jogging for short periods, and I’ve realized most of the sugar has to go from my diet. (I think I can survive with the occasional Coke Zero.) Watch for regular weight updates. (I know you don’t care. It’s more for my own motivation, but hey.)

Running Man


Since walking is getting me nowhere, so to speak, I hereby make it official: beginning tomorrow (Tuesday), I will jog for some small period of time each day. It may not be long at first, but I watched “Rocky” recently, and he went from short distances to being able to visit several widespread Philadelphia landmarks [...]



The fitness challenge is on hold until I recover from the cold that caused me to miss two days of work this week. But hey, as I was off work, I learned that the one, the only, Orville Redenbacher is back on TV. What’s that, you say? He’s dead? Like that matters anymore.

Day 15
After a weekend of travel and general inactivity, I was back on the horse today. And I about broke even:
And, may I present for your motivation as well as mine:

Day 8


Missed working out Thursday due to work. Have gone for an hour each day since. The total is now…
…and feelin’ great!
(yeesh, did I write that?)

No breakfast. Wierd work day… Ate nothing but a bag of chips until 4pm, when lunch was a 6” Quizno’s turkey sub on brown (and I mean, REALLY wheaty) bread with chips and a Coke. 30 minutes on the treadmill at 9:30, then a banana, some grapes, some crackers, and a couple of [...]


Today at work I had a cheese danish that was in the break room (bad!), walked to the mall and brought back a Subway Club – 6″, brown bread, with chips and a MEDIUM Pepsi. Supper was salmon and a bit of salad, and after a 30 minute stint on the treadmill I [...]

Day 1
So just for fun, I drag out the ol’ bathroom scale, and have my first look in at least a year. And there it was, big as life and twice as ugly:
In the past three years I have gained something in the neighbourhood of 20 pounds. And it ain’t muscle, either. I knew the [...]

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