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Video Test


Classic A&W commercial.



This guy has posted to Youtube some great old Canadian TV commercials from the 1970s. Some of these are among my earliest memories of TV watching. Everything from beer…

to insurance (and a jingle that’s vivid in my mind)…

and of course, the Colonel!

Old A&W ad from Japan (anyone else find it odd the mugs have the logo embedded in a map of the United States?)


Today at work I had a cheese danish that was in the break room (bad!), walked to the mall and brought back a Subway Club – 6″, brown bread, with chips and a MEDIUM Pepsi. Supper was salmon and a bit of salad, and after a 30 minute stint on the treadmill I [...]

… to take a trip down to Sydney, Montana, to see a real 1960’s KFC still in operation!

This is exactly what Dairy Queen packing looked like when I was a kid. All that’s missing is a cup with Dennis the Menace on it.
I just may bid.

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