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Video Test


Classic A&W commercial.

The gang at is abuzz about the retirement of not one, but two pricing games.
Joker, I can understand. I always hated it — it seems counterintuitive that you’re trying to DISCARD a certain card. It’s also pretty similar to Shell Game and Bonus Game, but with an ugly set.

Poker Game, I don’t have strong opinions [...]

39 years and roughly one thousand cartoons after “Sinkin’ in the Bathtub”, Warner Bros. Cartoons came to an end with an unfortunately titled short named “Injun Trouble.” Last fall I posted a link to this cartoon, with Matthew Hunter’s commentary. 
For obvious reasons, it’s generally been kept off television, and is hard to find. But it [...]

Random title cards from the Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show on CBS.



Michael Douglas now voices the intro to NBC Nightly News. (See it here… scroll down to the Nightly News podcast.)
Now, Michael Douglas is a fine actor. But he is not a better announcer than the best announcers in the business. This is a typical devaulation of the talents of an entire craft. It’s the same [...]



This guy has posted to Youtube some great old Canadian TV commercials from the 1970s. Some of these are among my earliest memories of TV watching. Everything from beer…

to insurance (and a jingle that’s vivid in my mind)…

and of course, the Colonel!



Some time ago I posted a link to the last WB cartoon, “Injun Trouble”. (That link’s dead, now, so don’t bother.) Matthew Hunter at Misce-Looney-Ous has posted it with a commentary… here it is:

Injun trouble (1969) commentary
Uploaded by MatthewHunter

What I wanted to say about this cartoon is that I don’t think it’s nearly as good [...]

Oh me, oh my


“Tales of the Wizard of Oz” was an early TV foray by Rankin-Bass, the creative team behind all those Christmas specials. Using Canadian voice actors as usual, this show went a step further and did the animation at Canada’s Crawley Films.
The show is badly animated, but the writing and acting are sharp. Because of its [...]

I just got through watching GoodFellas again, and there’s one thing that bothers me: the music. The soundtrack is highly acclaimed, and I have no quibble with the song choices themselves. But I am bugged by the fact that they tend to bear little or no connection to the year a particular scene takes place. [...]

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