Long before there was the egg-laying rabbit, there were these cool kids enjoying their Cadbury Creme Eggs!

Trudging along


Upgraded WordPress and things seem to be going fine. Think I’ll stick around again for a while.

Hey, some of the old YouTube links still work!



Every attempt to resume blogging on here has ended in miserable failure. I can either take another stab, or blow the whole thing up and start over.

This will take some thought.

Video Test


Classic A&W commercial.

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Posting from Windows Live Writer. Seems to work pretty good. Now I just need something to talk about.

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This post comes to you by way of my new iPhone. Isn’t that special, mm?

I was reading the comments on this Consumerist post about Walmart’s new logo, and somebody pointed out the company’s own website has Canadian associates doing a Spanish-language cheer. That, in the parlance of our times, is some epic fail.

Play along with Ernie and Bert.

The gang at golden-road.net is abuzz about the retirement of not one, but two pricing games.

Joker, I can understand. I always hated it — it seems counterintuitive that you’re trying to DISCARD a certain card. It’s also pretty similar to Shell Game and Bonus Game, but with an ugly set.

Poker Game, I don’t have strong opinions about, since it was played fairly infrequently. The consensus, which may be wrong, is that it was killed by being limited to inexpensive prizes. What’s significant is that it’s the oldest game to ever be retired — it was introduced in 1975.

39 years and roughly one thousand cartoons after “Sinkin’ in the Bathtub”, Warner Bros. Cartoons came to an end with an unfortunately titled short named “Injun Trouble.” Last fall I posted a link to this cartoon, with Matthew Hunter’s commentary. 

For obvious reasons, it’s generally been kept off television, and is hard to find. But it was included in 1972’s syndicated “The Merrie Melodies Show.” And that series is now airing on Teletoon Retro. Incredibly, the episode in question aired this week. I marvel at this network’s ability to come up with rare stuff like this, and to air it in pretty much its original form.